The Art
of Hacking

The Industry Leading Hacking Certification for Cyber Security Professionals.

Master the Art of Hacking by building your hands-on skills in a sophisticated hack-lab with material that is delivered on the world conference stage; certified, accredited, continually updated and available globally.

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Not just any old hacking certification

The Art of Hacking
The Art of Hacking
Class Overview
The ideal introductory / intermediate training that brings together both Infrastructure Hacking and Web Hacking into a 5-day “Art of Hacking” class designed to teach the fundamentals of what Pen Testing is all about. This hands-on training was written to address the market need around the world for a real hands-on, practical and hack-lab experience that focusses on what is really needed when conducting a Penetration Test. Whilst a variety of tools are used, they are the key tools that should be in any Penetration Tester’s kit bag. This, when combined with a sharp focus on methodology will give you what is necessary to start or formalise your testing career.
This class teaches the attendees a wealth of hacking techniques to compromise the security of various operating systems, networking devices and web application components. The class starts from the very basic, and builds up to the level where attendees can not only use the tools and techniques to hack various components involved in infrastructure and web hacking, but also walk away with a solid understanding of the concepts on which these tools are based. The class comprises of 3 days of infrastructure hacking and 2 days of web hacking.

Infrastructure Basics

  • TCP/IP Basics
  • The Art of Port Scanning
  • Target Enumeration
  • Brute-Forcing
  • Metasploit Basics
  • Password Cracking

Hacking Unix, Databases and Applications

  • Hacking Recent Unix Vulnerabilities
  • Hacking Databases
  • Hacking Application Servers
  • Hacking Third Party Applications (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal)

Hacking Windows

  • Windows Enumeration
  • Hacking Recent Windows
  • Vulnerabilities
  • Hacking Third Party Software (Browser, PDF, Java)
  • Post Exploitation: Dumping Secrets
  • Hacking Windows Domains

Information Gathering, Profiling and Cross-Site Scripting

  • Understanding HTTP protocol
  • Identifying the Attack Surface
  • Username Enumeration
  • Formation Disclosure
  • Issues with SSL/TLS
  • Cross Site Scripting
  • Cross-Site Request Forgery

Injection, Flaws, Files and Hacks

  • SQL Injection
  • XXE Attacks
  • OS Code Injection
  • Local/Remote File include
  • Cryptographic weakness
  • Business Logic Flaws
  • Insecure File Uploads
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Step 1. choose the Type of class


Would you want to like to learn at your own pace? The e-learning platform gives you the resources needed to complete the course at a speed the suits your needs.


If you prefer to take the class within a classroom lead by a tutor (or even a private, on-site class for your own company), then select Instructor-Led Training. This can be in person or connected to our classroom through a live feed for global accessibility.




System Administrators, Web Developers, SOC analysts, Penetration Testers, network engineers, security enthusiasts and anyone who wants to take their skills to the next level.


Students should bring their own laptop, and must have administrative access to perform tasks like install software, disable antivirus etc. Devices that don’t have an Ethernet connection (e.g. MacBook Air, tablets etc.) are not supported.

Also, note that we will use an Ethernet/wired network for this class. If your laptop does not support this, please carry the correct adaptor to ensure you are able to connect to the wired network.

Become Art of Hacking Certified

Designed to teach and build real-world skills, the Art of Hacking also features an optional certification component. The class prepares candidates to enhance their credentials to achieve the IEEE Computer Society’s Cyber Security Global Competency Certification. However, certification is not simply a multi-choice exam at the end of the class…

  • The Art of Hacking certification is provided through the IEEE Computer Society and is designed to assess candidate’s applied, hands-on skills against over 60 competency-based learning objectives
  • Certification can only be achieved by completing the Art of Hacking “Capture The Flag” (CTF) 1-day examination following completion of your Art of Hacking class; be it face-to-face, live-feed training or through e-Learning
  • Certifications is awarded against demonstrated skill level; if you pass you achieve Art of Hacking “Ninja” or Art of Hacking “Master”

How To I Enrol?

  • Certification is available from the end of October 2016 but may be pre-booked following Black Hat
  • Certifications are valid for 3 years from issuance date
  • The re-certification and on-going knowledge maintenance programme will be announced in due course

How Certification Works

IEEE Comptuer Society Certification

Your Journey

Becoming Art of hacking certified
Hacking Course
Hacking Course
More About E-Learning

To meet the challenges of the future, the IEEE Computer Society is now introducing the Art of Hacking as the first course in its global Cyber Security education series.

The Art of Hacking e-Learning was developed through the international education collaboration between the IEEE Computer Society and NotSoSecure (one of the worlds leading global security firms).

Our e-Learning platform is all about creating a hands-on, self paced, learning experience. Its not just theory; you will be provided with;

Launched at Black Hat 2016, the Art of Hacking from the IEEE and NotSoSecure e-Learning is now available.

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Art Of Hacking e-Learning Portal:

Designed around a modular system, featuring 23 e-Learning modules

Video and Instructor-Led Content:

Course slides, notes, questions and answers

NotSoSecure Hack-Lab Access:

Through a VPN, access to the hack-lab for you to practice and develop your own hands-on skill; featuring over 30 applied hands-on exercises and a collection of the latest vulnerabilities

Completion Schedule:

Students have up to six months to complete e-learning and an additional six months for certification

E-Learning Preview Video

Hack-Lab Preview

IEEE Computer Society

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Frequently asked questions

About the Art of Hacking

What is the “Art of Hacking”?
The Art of Hacking (AoH) is essential training for those entering the world of IT Security and Penetration Testing or for those who wish to consolidate and formalize their knowledge and demonstrate, through hands-on work and certification.
Why was Art of Hacking written?
The Art of Hacking was written by professional Penetration Testers and Black Hat Trainers (NotSoSecure) because of the clear need in the market to help people develop not only knowledge, but also hands-on, demonstrable skill. Our coined phrase is; “don’t just tell me, show me.”
Tell me about the partnership between the IEEE CS and NotSoSecure?
As a result of Member and Industry feedback, the IEEE CS saw that high-end, structured, learning-oriented and skills-based hacking training was urgently needed to satisfy the growing need for this type of training. IEEE CS looked for a proven and recognizable training partner and chose NotSoSecure because of their reputation in the market and their overall recognition as a leading training provider at Black Hat. This partnership has become very strategic and of great value to both organizations.
How is this of value to my employer and career?
This course is underpinned by a very detailed training structure designed by professional educators and hackers and of course, the iconic IEEE Computer Society. By taking the course, you will be able to demonstrate that you have been through structured learning process and if you choose to take the Certification, it will prove your hands-on competency and skill in the subject material; you can prove to your employer that you have the formalized foundations of a professional Penetration Tester.
I have already taken other classes; will this e-Learning be of value to me?
We were overwhelmed with inquires at Black Hat about this very topic. The Art of Hacking is all about building core foundations and proving you can demonstrate the required level of skill. You may have taken other types of training in the market. So you have two options; you may take the e-Learning course as a cost-effective refresher or if you wish to validate your skills directly, you may sit for the Certification directly.
What is unique about your teaching methodology?
Both the IEEE CS and the NotSoSecure founders have been training for a very long time and know what it takes to build a great Pen Tester and Security Professional. Learning about hacking is not about showing hundreds of tools, it’s about creating a framework of knowledge upon which you can build hands-on skill. We teach you the essential tools, syntax, objectives for each stage of testing and how to build you confidence to go it alone.
How does this course compare to SANS and CEH? Why should I consider this?
The course is a unique entry level/intermediate class. It is written in 2016 and talks about a wealth of modern hacking techniques. It teaches how the latest operating systems can be compromised. It covers a vast variety of systems such as databases, application servers, operating systems, networking devices along with a comprehensive 2 days on Web application hacking. Attendees of the class walk away with a wide spectrum of hacking techniques and a good overall understanding on how systems can be compromised. Further, the online lab allows attendees to practice each and every concept hands-on. Unlike most training programs which use an off-the-shelf test bed to demonstrate security vulnerabilities, the Art of Hacking lab has custom built systems in which hacking challenges have been specifically designed to simulate out-of-box thinking and help attendees grasp the concepts inside-out.

Certification FAQs

Why create the Art of Hacking Certification?
Simple – there is a clear market demand for hands-on, skill-based hacking certification that has an independent certification body behind it.
How do I prepare for the Certification?
The best way to prepare is to purchase the Art of Hacking bundle which includes the complete course and Certification in one bundle.
What is the format for the Certification?
The format is a 24-hour, Capture-the-Flag (CTF) exam designed to be representative of real-world challenges. Your exam session is booked ahead of time giving you time to prepare – when ready, we issue you with the keys to our unique exam hack-lab and from there you take over. It is open book, proctored and real-world; you have to use your hands-on skills to hunt for the various treasure we have created and submit your findings into the examination scoring portal. If you get stuck, you may opt for hints, however - this will also deduct from your available points.
How are my Certification answers scored?
Those are graded for completion and accuracy and at the end of the exercises a certification will be awarded as follows:
- Art of Hacking Ninja: score of 60 -79
- Art of Hacking Master: score of 80+
How much is the Certification?
The costs are:
- Certification cost: IEEE or CS Members: $595, non-member: $795
- Bundles of additional e-Learning, extra lab time, and certification vouchers are available together with group discounts.
What do I get at the end of the Certification process?
You will know instantly whether you have passed and whether you are Ninja or Master in the Art of Hacking. Once your score and performance is verified, you will be sent an impressive IEEE CS Art of Hacking Certificate stating your new credentials. Also, you will be registered on the IEEE CS certification database portal where your employer can verify your Certification status.
How long does Certification last?
3 years from the date you were Certified. Re-Certification will involve completion of a new CTF exam.
Is the Certification easy?
That’s up to you! The Art of Hacking Certification is all about you showing that you have developed real world, hands-on skill. The challenges are based on the material you will have learned but it’s up to you to prepare and demonstrate you have understood each component. You can tackle many of the challenges in the order that you see fit.
I need to do more practice. How can you help me?
Extra lab time can be purchased at any time.
Is the Certification exam proctored?
Yes, this is proctored to ensure integrity. For our government-only clients or in exceptional cases, there are other alternatives in place.
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